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Beard Oil with Box


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Our beard oil is the perfect foundation to begin your beard growth journey. Specially formulated with essential oils to keep your skin nice and healthy and ready for growth.

  • Beard Oil: Meadowfoam Seed & Bergamot Leaf oils - they calm the skin and prevent that dry itchy feeling while the Sea Buckthorn oil promotes cell regeneration. Lastly, the Salvia Hispanica Seed oil has healthy fats to keep the skin moisturized and ready for growth. 


How do you apply beard oil?

After showering massage a couple drops on your skin all the way down to your roots. A little goes a long way towards your journey to an amazing beard.

Wonder why your beard looks patchy?

The reason beards look patchy is not just follicle growth but improper grooming. If you let it go wild, you will clearly see the different hair lengths because facial hair grows at different speeds. You need to TRIM your beard.

Why would I TRIM my beard when I am trying to GROW my beard?

By trimming it frequently, you let the slower hairs catch up to the faster hairs and the beard comes in nice and even. Increase your trimming length SLOWLY, growing a beard takes time but it will be worth it! Purchase today to get started on your beard journey!

Also, don't forget Happily Curated has complete kits available to take your journey to the next level!