Want to learn how to stop that annoying beard itch?

Look, no one likes an itchy beard.

Nothing is more annoying than seeing yourself in a video chat scratching your beard like a drug addict or wearing a black shirt, looking down, and seeing what looks like the remnants of a bag of potato chips.

We are here to help you. That itchy feeling can usually resolve itself with proper skin and beard care. Before we get into the remedy lets discuss why your beard itches.

Why does your beard itch?

Your beard can itch for several reasons but below are the most common.

1) Dirty Beard & Skin: Your beard acts like a blanket covering your skin and keeping all the dirt and dead skin cells trapped beneath it. You need to use a shampoo designed for beards which often contain less chemicals and also high amounts of vitamins.

2) Dry Skin: Your skin beneath your beard needs extra care and attention. After showering your pores are open and will lose moisture quickly. That is the perfect time to replace the lost moisture is right after a shower. This is where you need to follow up with a beard oil that has minimal ingredients and preferably organic (no sense adding a bunch of chemicals to your clean face).

3) Clogged or Dirty Pores: Humans get a new layer of skin ever 2-4 weeks. That's a lot of skin that needs to be removed efficiently or else those dead skin cells can sit on top of new cells causing havoc. Exfoliating with a boar brush can remove the unwanted skin cells and leave your new ones with room to breath.

How do you fight beard itch?

There are 3 main steps involved:

1) Clean your skin & beard:use a natural shampoo specifically designed for beards. The shampoo for your head often contains sulfates which can be harmful to your beard. Our Beard Shampoo contains Organic Aloe Vera and Organic Hemp Seed Oil to clean your beard quickly and leave it nourished.

2) Add moisture to beard: Use a beard oil immediately after showering and toweling off. Focus on a beard oil with organic ingredients as you want to keep the products on your face minimally processed. Our Beard Oil is specially formulated with organic ingredients and Vitamin E to hydrate and repair damaged skin.

3) Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells: Use a natural brush to remove those unwanted dead skin cells and brush away dirt and debris. Our Beard Brush is designed with Boar Bristles to exfoliate naturally without damaging your skin. While skin needs to be exfoliated, it is possible to be too harsh in the process. Avoid this by using our brush and trust it will gently exfoliate your skin.

Where do you begin?

We are here to help you repair your skin and fight that beard itch.

We Offer Several Options To Help You

We have curated specific products and kits that can get you started along your journey to healthier skin, itch free.

Entry Level

We recommend at a minimum to start with a high quality beard oil. This is a product that has no substitute. Our beard oils contains Organic ingredients that will hydrate your beard and keep it moisturized and smelling good throughout the day.

Mid Level

If you are looking to take your beard game up a level then we recommend adding in a beard shampoo. Most shampoos contains sulfates and sulfites that can only make matters worse. Our beard shampoo is specially designed to clean with Organic Aloe Vera and leave the beard moisturized.

Top Level

The next product to consider adding is our boar brush. The boar bristles exfoliate the skin as well as driving the beard oil deep past your hair. Perfect addition to tackle all three issues causing beard itch.

Happily Curated

Our job is to provide you with products filled with Organic ingredients designed to help you tackle beard itch.

Organic Matters

Your body absorbs everything you put on your skin - organic ingredients matter. That is why here at Happily Curated we focus only on Organic ingredients that are designed to promote healthy skin and stop beard itch.


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